wooden furniture

wooden furniture

wooden furniture

wooden Furniture is one of the most essential parts of a house if you really want to call it ‘home’. The wooden furniture is like the rice and dal of a meal. It makes your house feel lived in and welcoming.

wooden Furniture is made to support human lifestyle and activities. These elements become a necessity and rather a crucial one in everyday life. It also determines the function of the space in the area too.

Balance in the furniture of an area should primary concern because furniture affects the equilibrium of a space. The range, variety and designs of furniture make every dull space a rather lively place.

Plywood is usually white to tan.

Multiple layers of thin sheets of wood are glued and pressed together to form one piece of plywood.

It is strong and resistant to warping, shrinking, and swelling

It is most often used as support.

Some contemporary furniture is manufactured from plywood, which can be shaped and bent into permanent contours.

Types: Particleboard

Particleboard is generally light to medium brown in colour.

It is made of sawdust, small wood chips, and glue or resin that have been mixed together and pressure-treated.

It is a common component of inexpensive wooden furniture that is covered with laminates or veneers.

Particleboard splits easily and often the veneer or laminate gets loose when the particleboard swells and shrinks with the change in moisture.

A similar product called hardboard is made under higher pressure, which creates an improved product.